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Below are all the releases by Izzy Rocks.

All music are available on all popular online digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, etc.

Feel Alright is feel good song. It is the highest tuned song for the band on Spotify with over 30k streams.
WAM Presents Izzy Rocks Unplugged But
A live unplugged album featuring a new plugged single “Artifacts of the Monestary”
6 Overdrive’s track re-done.
A song against discrimation particular music discrimination
Soical Distancing
A song made for the Covid pandemic. Everyone to play apart in Social Distancing.
The CD Song
A song about a girl who broke up with her boyfriend when he can’t last long in bed.
Indecisive Ways
A song on how bipolar a mind and heart can be.
The first EP release by Izzy Rocks