Grunge, raw, melodic power – these are the elements that described the band known as Izzy Rocks.

Released in 2017, the Metamorphosis Ep was an initial side solo project of frontman Izzy. This project idea was eventually metamorphosized to a band with the presence of like minded
grunge rock musicians, many of whom shared Izzy’s similar passion for Brit Rock.

Collective individuals who choose grunge music to express the stresses of the daily grind of the urban jungle.
Izzy Rock’s music centres around the global scale working class and the never-ending struggles they face daily.

The band’s signature sound features ferocious distorted guitars, heart thumping basslines and drums mashed with a Brit rock style vocal delivery. Very reminiscent of the punk movement and the Seattle sound of the late 80s and early 90s.

The band current line-up consists of Izzy (Bass/Vocals), Yan Antonio (Guitars) and Den Shah (Drums).
Hard rocking, punchy yet containing melodic, thoughtful, sing-along like lyrics. This is IZZY ROCKS!

“Grunge band who love Brit Rock and feel in their bone the stress of the working class life”